We Partnered with OTC Global Holdings, the world's largest independent institutional broker of commodities!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with OTC Global Holdings, the world's largest independent institutional broker of commodities, to deliver commodity forward curve data from their EOXLive market data platform. Under this new partnership, EOXLive forward curve data for crude oil, natural gas, and global refined products will be made available for subscription through the cmdty Pricing Network (CPN), giving Barchart users access to the leader in independent pricing for physical energy markets. All pricing contributed by EOXLive is available for users to access through cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView Excel, or through an enterprise data solution.

cmdty by Barchart is dedicated to growing our pricing network, and through this partnership, OTC Global Holdings will provide extensive data coverage for the energy markets to our clients.

OTC Global Holdings will also be able to access our client network to accelerate the distribution of their pricing for physical energy markets. To apply for membership to the cmdty Pricing Network, and unlock access to Barchart’s broad distribution footprint, please click here. To learn more or to subscribe to EOXLive’s pricing data, please click here.

Interested in learning more about the Commodity Pricing Network contributors? Get an in-depth look at the leading data contributors to the commodity pricing network through our CPN Livestream Series. The livestream series will highlight different cmdty Pricing Network (CPN) partners and will give attendees an in-depth understanding of the data being contributed. In addition, each session will feature an end-user so viewers can receive a clear picture of how to analyze the data and quickly put it into action through different use cases. Make sure to sign up for product updates here so you can stay up-to-date on our latest product offerings or drop us a line at cmdty@barchart.com to learn more about the solutions that are available to you.